Core Competencies

Sound and Oscillation Analysis are the basic of this business competency. We help to reduce Noise-Emissions, to enhance Safety and Employment Protection (acc. to. BGV C1) and to reduce the influence of negative environmental impact.

Our team supports you with professional and technical qualified Noise Level Measurements according to latest instrumentation. Our measurements are based on the principles of legal requirements for Noise Level Measurements in consideration of allowable limits.

Our team is constantly engaged to collaborate with our customers and partners on new test projects to reduce Noise Emissions. They are at your disposal to support your business.

We’re able to perform qualified measurements (with Class1 Measurement Devices acc. to IEC 61672:2003/DIN EN 61672-1:2003-10), regardless if we have to measure Establishments, Leisure and Sport Facilities, Road Traffic, Road Noisiness, Flight Noisiness, Flight Traffic, Open Air Events or Club Events

Our goal is to deliver a competent solution for your Noise and Oscillation Problems